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Magic Compose beta is available now.. but it sends your messages to Google


Google has finally started rolling out the beta version of Magic Compose, its new messaging feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you compose text messages. However, as indicated on the site Android PoliceThis feature comes with a huge caveat: It sends “20 previous messages” to Google’s servers to generate recommendations — even if you use RCS with end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

Google outlines these terms on its Magic Compose support page, saying that it uses these messages, along with embedded emojis, reactions and URLs, to help its AI generate the correct response for its servers. The company says it will not send any messages containing attachments, audio messages and images, but notes that “captions for images and audio may be sent”.

Google spokesperson Justin Rende explained on the edge “Conversational data used by Magic Compose is not protected” and “output of suggested response once provided to the user is not protected.” If you disable Magic Compose, Google will not send your messages to its servers.

Magic Compos was one of the many features that Google showed off at its I/O event earlier this month. According to the company, you can use the feature to reply to text messages with “stylized responses suggested with the context of your messages.” This feature is currently rolling out to users in the Google Messages beta program.

If you can access the feature, you’ll see a chat bubble next to the text box in the app. From there, you can choose a suggested answer and continue rewriting the text using different predefined styles. This feature is currently only available with RCS messages, and there is no word on when SMS/MMS will support it.

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Microsoft has also introduced a similar feature in its keyboard app SwiftKey. It lets you tap the Bing tag in the app’s toolbar to create text and email messages, as well as change the tone, format, and length of suggested messages.

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