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Mahfooz is back on top


The magnificence of the literary work increases the reader’s closeness to life and reality, and he resembles the reader’s humanity with its pros and cons.

Thus, the greatness of the writer increases as he comes to you on every occasion and lives with you after the absence of the body.

It has been said that a good writer is the one with whom the reader feels like a close friend.. He approaches his life in such a way that it jumps into his mind and clings to every situation.

It’s as if we’re already talking about the international Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz, who has returned to the forefront of social media conversations after his death almost 16 years ago.

The name “Mahfouz” topped the social media, and he didn’t see it first because of the huge controversy over updating the covers of his novels.

I’m not here to talk about the quality of these cards or the sarcastic reaction to them, beyond that I’m interested.

Let’s admit that the writings of Naguib Mahfouz have been printed and sold in large numbers every year since their publication, but the new thing is that some publishing houses wanted to give these writings a tinge of modernity, “choosing new cards appropriate to the era” from their point of view, so the magic returned to the magician.

Although Naguib Mahfooz’s works were written almost 80 years ago, they amaze us with their renewal and relevancy in our lives. Or “Young Life”? Is “Mahfooz” too far from “reality” and is the writer too realistic? For example, doesn’t “Kamal” in “Mahfuz’s Trilogy” refer to our generation of skeptical youth who are lost and searching for themselves?

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In the epic of the trilogy “Kamal” – between Qasreen, Qasr al-Shuq and Suqaria – and his struggles and fate, the link between the old and the modern, and his unity with the grandchildren of the father, “Ahmad Abdel-Qawad”, with different fates.. as the youngest of his brothers, the oldest. This “Kamal” who was also a contemporary of the generation is the closest among them to the modern generation. Therefore, the difference in his destiny is inevitable. The time difference from the platonic romantic era to the time of practicality that tramples everything.

Kamal was not a victim of circumstances, rather he loved the role of victim and preferred to live in illusions even when the truth came at his closest point. Who sings idealism in everything..who doesn’t accept others as alternatives..isn’t that like separating our youth from reality behind videos or social media world? Living reality?.. This is the difference between a big real world and a fantasy world.

Many of us have become “Kamal Ahmed Abdel Gawad”, chasing an unfulfilling platonic life, destroying himself and his psychological peace to achieve it. Love and vanity made him the opposite of everything…from a religious believer to a skeptic..from a captive lover to someone who doesn’t want to catch anyone he sees fit.Like his father – from a philosopher to a skeptic – when a person marries a “marble” from desire, Infatuated to the point of refusing to marry his girlfriend. Aren’t many of our youth fluctuating in what they are exposed to from the current of emotions, information and conflicting opinions in this digital world?!

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A character of Mahfouz can give us a simple example of the magnificence and renewal of his writings, which are filled with large samples of different human natures, each time analyzing and photographing in depth, to an extent that he does not. Between today’s youth and reality his life-extending “cover update” is needed.

“Mahfouz” analyzes the basic essence of humanity from which all characters of all ages emerge.

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