June 2, 2023

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Mahmoud al-Mahdi’s first comment on the decision to close his accounts

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Mahmoud al-Mahdi, the husband of artist Menna Arafa, has expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation in Egypt to close his accounts on social media.

Today, al-Mahdi wrote through a short story feature on his “Instagram”: “They shut down Facebook and Tick Tock for me, and they are trying to shut down Instagram because I told the truth, I spoke. About the scandals going on under Ashraf’s flag.”

He added: “When my account was closed, they also closed the accounts of six people who attacked Islam, promoted the art of hurting generations, and sought to spread evil.

Dr. Ashraf Jackie, Captain of the Acting Industries in Egypt, announced the Supreme Council’s response to the Actors Guild’s complaint about artist Menna Arafa’s husband Mahmoud al-Mahdi. Because he abused female artists..

The council decided to close al-Mahdi’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram and sent a letter to Ashraf Jackie: Threatening to publish abuses related to female artists, Mr. Reviewed by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation headed by Karam Kabrin. All complaints were cited and at its session on 4/4/2022 it was decided to close my Mahmoud al-Mahdi account on Facebook and Instagram, for violating media codes and standards, and for insulting Mahmoud al-Mahdi’s account broadcast releases. , Tracking down slanderers and complainants and abusing the art industry and those in charge of it.