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Origin of 3 new strains of Omigran .. Get to know them |  Health

Origin of 3 new strains of Omigran .. Get to know them | Health

In the last few weeks, 3 new subspecies have emerged From the mutated omicron of the corona virus, what is it? What are the consequences of its appearance? How does the immune system deal with it? The answers and many more are in this report.

3 new strains of Omigron

BA 2.12.1 strain (BA.2.12.1)

Written by Brenda Goodman “CNN” (CNN) Cases in the United States are on the rise in most states and in Washington, Mississippi, Georgia, Maine, Hawaii, South Dakota, Nevada and Montana with a 50% increase over the previous week.

This time the culprit appears to be part of BA.2.12.1, the BA.2 variant of Omigran, which was first identified by New York state health officials in April. / April.

According to new estimates, BA2.12.1 strain, which develops 25% faster than the original BA.2 virus, accounts for approximately 37% of all COVID-19 cases nationwide. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

BA4 strain and BA5 strain

After several weeks of decline, South Africa has seen a sharp rise in cases of the “Govit-19” virus over the past two weeks, and scientists have found two relatively new variants, namely the “BA.4” strain (BA.4) and the “BA5” strain (BA5). .5) According to the National Institute for Infectious Diseases of South Africa, by the end of April almost 60% of all new COVID-19 cases are due.

These new subtypes of Omicron have spread worldwide, with PA4 reported in 15 countries and 10 US states, while PA5 has been detected in 13 countries and 5 US states, according to the Outbreak Information Website ( ) It is operated by a consortium of educational research centers and is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Omigron subtypes escape the immune system

Indicate Read on for prepress BA4 and BA.5 have not been reviewed by colleagues as to whether they can escape antibodies from previous infections caused by the original UMicron BA virus. 1 “(BA.1).

Even those who have been vaccinated and have a previous PA1 infection can escape their antibodies, although this is less likely to happen in infected people.

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The researchers concluded that the “PA4” and “PA5” strains had the potential to trigger a new wave of infection, making the “Covit-19” vaccine and booster doses more important. Stop the next wave ..

Data from Johns Hopkins University shows that the two strains “PA4” and “PA5” received the most attention in South Africa, with weekly cases of the corona virus doubling in the last two weeks.

long story

Dr. Peter Chen Hong, an epidemiologist at the University of California, San Francisco, said: “It’s out over the weekend. It’s a long, never – ending episode.

The rapid development of PA4 and PA5 strains in South Africa is likely to lead to a possible increase in California and the United States in the near future. ) Is unlikely to re-affect the highly contagious subtype of PA2 that is now circulating across the United States.

Viral mutations do not recede. A new mutant from Omigran proves it

In the news published by the newspaper “Washington Post” (Washington Post), author Joel Ashenbach says that as the corona virus spreads across the planet, there are billions of opportunities for it to adapt itself, and it continues to evolve, creating new variables and sub-variables that have surprised scientists. Going on; Two and a half years after its first appearance in humans, the virus has repeatedly changed its structure, thwarting attempts to control it completely.

The mutants of the virus show no signs of persistence, and even with all the changes so far, according to the virologist who follows them closely, they still have a lot of evolution to study, which means – in practical terms – that the virus is already highly contagious and may become more and more.

The author was quoted by virologist Robert F. “The virus may have tricks we’ve never seen before; we know it’s not as contagious as measles, but it’s definitely creepy,” he said.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “PA2.12.1” strain is 25% more prevalent than the “PA2” strain from Omigron, which currently dominates the nation. The sub mutant spreads, especially in the Northeast, causing very new infections.

The most contagious variant of Omigran

According to the author, Ashish Jah, the new coordinator of US President Joe Biden’s response to the COVID – 19 crisis, told a news conference on Tuesday that “we have a very contagious variance; it is difficult to confirm that anyone in the United States has contracted the disease.” He was recently infected with the virus and entered medical isolation, where he was vaccinated for the second time in a row, his fourth.

The author explains that Harris’ case is painfully clear in recent months. Acute disease, which is a major health problem, as well as the widespread use of antiviral drugs such as Paxilovit. “

Genetic sequence of the original mutation of the corona virus

The author points out that all vaccines currently in circulation are based on the genetic sequence of the original strain of the virus that spread in Wuhan, China in late 2019; They mainly reflect the high protein content of this version of the virus and trigger a protective immune response when the real virus appears.

He added, “But exposed mutants can avoid many of the neutralizing antibodies that line the immune system’s,” quoted Jesse Bloom, a computational biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, as saying: I think we need to think hard about that. “

The author points out that the new corona virus infection is advancing one step further, as its closest relative “BA2” (BA.2) is already more contagious than the first omega-1 strain that struck the country in late 2021. The delta was more permeable than the mutant, the delta was more permeable than the alpha mutant, and the alpha was more permeable than the previous mutants.

In Germany, 300,000 patients are being treated for chronic symptoms of goiter

A medical report released by the Federal Institute of Health Insurance in Germany states that since January 1, 2021, patients with Govt have been identified by a special code.

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The company added that 303,267 patients were documented in the first months of last year until the end of September 2021. This is according to Deutsche Welle.

In the first quarter of the same year, up to 110,000 patients were diagnosed, up from 125,000 in the second quarter, and 68,000 in the third quarter, the report said.

With 4.2 million corona infections confirmed by September 2021, the frequency of these symptoms was fortunately low, with “post-covit symptoms not newly developed, widespread disease.”

The accounting data of the evaluated patient showed that there was a multidisciplinary clinical picture of these symptoms, and that most people did not require specialized care for a long period of time and this only applies to a small proportion. More tracking.

Long-term effects after recovery from the corona

The report said that based on the follow-up of this year’s patient cases, 61% of these patients were treated in the first quarter and one-fifth of the injuries were treated in the second quarter. The same percentage for the quarter and third quarter.

Andreas Casson, president of the National Health Insurance Corporation, says the duration of treatment is manageable and usually lasts up to 3 months.

Stephen Hoffmeister, vice president of health insurance, says the need for medical care and advice is so great that it involves extensive work within physicians’ offices.

Patient instructions given in Germany indicate that in the event of an infection known as a “chronic goiter”, patients file complaints that last more than 4 weeks after infection, while it is classified as a “post-covit” case. Continuing to disrupt the patient’s daily life for 12 weeks after injury.

Proof : German + Al Jazeera + Agencies + Washington Post + CNN