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Maktoub Alia Series Episode 24 .. Firdaus Abdel Hameed Using Jaljal


The twenty-fourth episode of the series “Maktoub Alia” witnessed some amazing events, including the belief that Jaljal’s mother, he, his father and his sister’s fianc were killed.

A new chapter in the comedy that will take part in the 2022 Ramadan season, Jaljal, his father, his friend and Badawi sought “al-Patiya” to help them after they were involved in a murder.

Summary and Events of Maktoub Alia Episode 24 Series

Episode 24 of the “Maktoub Alia” series started with Jaljal, “Akram Hosni” and Badawi with “Amr Abdel Jalil”, the seller “The Firdaus Abdel Hamid”, with Syed Zedik Jaljal and Ala Ghadeeb. Sister, and assigned them a task before agreeing to help them.

Gilzal began to carry out the work, which was to bring home orders including Rumi cheese and pastrami, while Ihsan bought “Ismail Farkali” Fino.

Kiljal’s mother, “Hanan Suleiman”, tries to contact him or his father to verify him, but since he was involved in the murder, he does not have to call her, while the “sellers” take advantage of Jaljal’s presence. And keeping those who are with him working for her, eventually finding out that the sellers are exploiting them, all that happened is just maneuvering.

Jaljal goes out with his father, his friend and his sister’s fianc, and they try to find a place to stay, so Ala “Muhammad Taima” instructs them to go to his relatives in the remote countryside, while the police discover the murder. It happened in the Jaljal family’s apartment, and his mother and sister are believed to have been killed in the murder of Jaljal, his father and his sister’s fianc.

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Jaljal goes to the countryside with his father and his friend Ala, and the talented artist Ala Jaihom appears as the guest of honor in the role of Mama Siraj, and his family is so lazy that they refuse to get up from their seats to open. The door of the house, so Jaljal’s father breaks down the door and enters, Jaljal finds that the guest room is full and then they find out that Jaljal’s mother is there. Siraj’s uncle is asleep and has been receiving treatment since 2002.

When Jingle wakes up the next day, he finds in his hand the words, “Give me a rock, and sit down for my warriors.” During his tour, he finds out that not only Mama Siraj’s family, but the whole country is lazy and not moving from their location, and when Jaljal’s mother and his family cry, thinking that they are dead, Jaljal calls them and informs them. Involved in a murder alive.

About the “Maktoub Alia” series

Akram Hosni starrer “Maktoub Alia” and many stars, especially Amr Abdel-Jalil, Aiden Amar, Hanati Muhanna and first time singer Hala Rushdie, talented artist Hanan Sulaiman, Ismail Farkali, Mohammad Taima and many more were among the guest of honor.

The series “Maktoub Alia” was written by Ihab Playbel, directed by Khalid Al-Halafawi and produced by Kareem Abu Zakri, with the participation of United Media Services.

The “Maktoub Alia” series airs daily on the “dmc” channel at 6.45pm and will be rebroadcast at 1.45am and 6am.

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