March 30, 2023

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Mali’s military junta accuses French military of “espionage” and “acts of sabotage”

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On Tuesday evening, the French military accused the French military of “espionage” and “sabotage.”

A statement from the Bamako government confirmed that “since the beginning of this year, authorities have observed more than 50 cases of foreign aircraft, especially those owned by French forces, deliberately violating Mali’s airspace.”

It added that one of the latest cases of “financial outrage” was that “on April 20, 2022, French troops’ drone on the Gosi base became illegal.”

In addition to spying, French forces have been involved in sabotage by publishing false images accusing civilians (Mali soldiers) of killing civilians. “

“The aforementioned drone (…) was there to spy on our brave Malian armed forces,” he added.

On April 21, two days after Gossie’s return to the military base, the French military accused Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group of bribing French mercenaries, claiming that Russian mercenaries had buried their bodies near the Cossack base and publishing pictures. Leaving a mass grave.

A video taken by a drone by the French army shows soldiers plowing sand around corpses. French General Staff described it as a “media attack.”

The next day, civil servants of the Malian forces said, “The bodies were found in an advanced decomposing state in a mass grave not far from the camp previously occupied by the French Burgene army.”

On April 19, as part of the withdrawal from Mali announced in February, the French army officially handed over the Gossi base, home to 300 French soldiers, to the Malian armed forces.

Paris decided in February to leave Mali amid deteriorating security amid tensions between France and the ruling military group, with Westerners accusing Wagner of using the group’s services.

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Bamako, for its part, confirms the presence of ordinary Russian coaches.