March 30, 2023

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مانشيني: خوض إيطاليا ملحق تصفيات كأس العالم ليس عارا.. الأهم الصعود

Mancini: Italy’s participation in the World Cup qualifiers is not a shame … the most important thing is to go above and beyond.

Technical Director Roberto Mancini confirmed For the Italy national teamIt is not a shame that the last European nations’ Cup champion “Euro 2020” will play in the play-offs of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, just hours before the expected clash, there will be a heavy guest against Northern Ireland. The tenth and final round of the European Qualifiers for the World Cup is set to take place today, Monday, at 10 pm at Windsor Park.

Commenting on the “Football Italia” network, Mancini said, “We can not wait to play, as time has passed and we want the match to come here soon.”

Mancini added: “Northern Ireland are a tough team to break at home, they only allow their opponents very few chances, they defend very well and are very physical.”

“From the moment we got the balance I always thought Switzerland would make life harder for us,” Mancini continued. “It has to end now because we deserve to win at least once in two games against Switzerland, but that’s the ball. The leg.”

The Italy coach continued: “We need to show our strength even in difficult moments and know that qualification is still in our hands.”

Especially when asked if it would be a shame for Italy to miss the 2018 World Cup qualifiers: “No, it’s important to reach the World Cup, it’s not how we get there.”

Miss Zero Immobile; Due to injury in today’s match, Andrea Pelotti is likely to be left out of the bench in support of Lorenzo Insane in the attack against Northern Ireland.

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Mancini added: “Some things may change, but the players do what they can and do everything they can for the team, so it doesn’t matter who plays, it’s about the mentality we have as a unit.”

“I hope you enjoy this evening before the flight returns to Italy,” Mancini concluded.