April 1, 2023

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Marwa launches a vicious attack on Ratif Nadine's Enzyme - Video

Marwa launches a vicious attack on Ratif Nadine’s Enzyme – Video

Marwa Ratib, a Syrian artist living in the United Arab Emirates, was attacked by Lebanese artist Nadine Nasib Ngim in the wake of feedback on the recent buttock surgery performed by “Ratib”.

Marwa Ratheep described in Najim’s video clip, “He has a” square face “,” Someone is two meters tall, two meters north of a filler, which means I want to do something, want to do something and be a natural human being more than a space creature (..) “. And he continued in the video, “Nadine’s form of the enzyme is closer to men than women”, wondering if “his morals were filtered”. Syrian artist Nadine Naseem Najeem directed a documented video for surgery to tighten his buttocks, in response to Nadine’s criticism of him, and described his discipline as a “square” similar to his face. Nadine Nasib Najeem, in Marwa Ratip’s picture, who appeared with noticeable curves in the buttocks area, after plastic surgery, asked, “Hatta is a filter, right?” Saying that, Marwa prompted Ratheep to respond.

Marwa Radeep was ridiculed and criticized by numerous celebrities for her physical appearance, and despite Marwa Radeep’s disregard for many opinions, she launched an attack on the Kuwaiti fascist Phoenix. Marwa campaigned against Ratif’s appearance, where he mocked his buttocks and posted a picture of himself on “Snapshot” with a curved door shape to simulate the Syrian artist’s appearance. In her speech, the Syrian artist said that in the context of the significant shape of her buttocks after undergoing plastic surgery, she was silent about being bullied in the past by the pioneers of social networks, but that “bullying” forced Venice to come out and respond to her because the Kuwaiti fashion artist had previously attacked “bullying”. Conducted. He added, “Venice repeatedly said she was depressed because she had been bullied, but she bullied others,” while Vanessa later had to apologize to Marwa, saying she did not like the problems.

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