June 2, 2023

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ارتفاع جماعى فى الإصابات اليومية بكورونا بعدد من الدول العربية

Massive increase in daily infections caused by corona virus in many Arab countries

Daily cases of the new corona virus in Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon and Algeria show a joint increase in data from health ministries in several Arab countries today, Tuesday, than were reported yesterday..

In Jordan, the Ministry of Health registered 1,746 new injuries, bringing the total to 854,758 cases compared to 1,602 yesterday, while 11 new deaths were reported, bringing the total to 10,976 cases and 1,286 new cases recovered. 824,993 cases..

Morocco saw a significant increase in daily injuries, with the Ministry of Health today bringing the total number of 425 new injuries, compared to 101 yesterday, to 944,803 cases, while 15 new deaths were reported, for a total of 14,636 cases, and 375 cases were recovered, bringing the total number of survivors to 925,125. Increased..

The hike has been extended to Lebanon, where the health ministry announced 527 new injuries, up from 235 yesterday, bringing the total number of injuries to 638,581, and 6 new deaths to 8,465. The total number of rescued reached 613,770.

For its part, Algeria saw a slight increase in daily injuries. . And 71 have recovered in the last 24 hours, for a total of 141,335 cases.

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