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Maui Omar reveals reason why Ruby refused to enter “Rania and Sakina” grave | News

For the crew of the “Rania and Sakina” series shown last Ramadan, a number of contradictions emerged, especially during the filming of the two heroes My Omar and Ruby at the cemetery.

In a telephone interview with journalist Amr Adib on MBC Egypt’s Al-Hekaya show, series director Sherin Adele said: “While working in the cemeteries, we faced many situations and we opened the real vacancy. Cemetery, and they had to run into the grave as soon as the police heard “Sreena”, but Ruby said he could not get down to the grave.

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My Omar, while hosting the show, added: “Oh my daughter, you don’t understand, women are forbidden to go to cemeteries, it is possible for us to dress up.”

Rania and Sakina series

And she continued, “We filmed part of the scene in the tomb, but in the clip where we went down the stairs, I grabbed Ruby by the arm and pulled her to the top of the ladder.”

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The series “Rania and Sakina” revolves around the conflicting comedy structure between the two characters Rania and Sakina, who escape from the police.

Rania and Sakina series

Ruby reveals the character of a woman named “Sakina” from a popular area, who has huge ambitions that she wants to achieve. Ruby is trained to drive the trailer cars he uses at the events of the series.

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According to Mai Omar, “Sakina” plays the role of “Rania”, the daughter of a high-class woman who encounters a difficult situation.

The series “Rania and Sakina”, written by Mohamed Salah al-Assaf, is directed by Sherin Adele, and also stars Ruby, My Omar, Ahmad Khalid Saleh, Ahmad Karara, Suleiman Eid, Mohammed Odaka, Nabil Nuruddin, Mohammed Ratwan and Sabah Al-Rafi.

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