June 7, 2023

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May be harmful and useful .. Aguero's retirement gives Barcelona the opportunity to control Torres and the player's sacrifices!

May be harmful and useful .. Aguero’s retirement gives Barcelona the opportunity to control Torres and the player’s sacrifices!

Despite Barcelona’s financial crisis, some dismissals have been made in front of the John Laporte administration, which will allow Ferran Torres to sign a contract from Manchester City soon, which is good news for Catalan club fans.

Barcelona agreed with City management to buy the Spanish international deal for மில்லியன் 55 million, with Torres receiving an additional மில்லியன் 10 million and an annual salary of மில்லியன் 11 million.

Everyone was terrified of the possibility of controlling Torres as Barcelona were almost out of control due to the financial legitimacy imposed by the Spanish league, but the “Marca” newspaper revealed Plugrana’s plan to end the story.

First, the retirement of Sergio Aguero from Barca will give a small margin to the inclusion of Ferran Torres, while the second winter contract will take advantage of the fact that Danny Alves will only earn 100,000 euros a year.

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With the start of winter Mercado and the departure of Youssef Demir and the removal of the Austrian international, Torres’ record is possible, even if his salary is not large.

In addition, Barcelona are currently working on certain sponsorship agreements, which will increase Barca’s sources of income and not deviate too much from the rules of the financial fair game.

As for the 22-year-old’s salary, it is true that it is 11 million euros, but for legal involvement, he will sacrifice half of the rest of this season, receiving only 5.5 million euros. Economic situation in Camp Nou.

It is noteworthy that Torres will not be appearing for Barcelona before January 15 due to an injury he has been recovering from since last October.

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