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Mental health: Everyone must stand together to fight slavery, the government is making great efforts


Secretary-General of Mental Health and Treatment Dr. Manen Abdel-Maksood said: Addiction, Recent reports talk about the effects of drugs on many crimes, which should raise social awareness about the dangers of drugs, and he continued: “If we know someone is addicted, we should contact a drug therapist.”

Also, Manan Abdel-Maqsood, during a telephone call for the “Ager An-Nahar” program, told the media that the Ministry of Health and Population has 26 hospitals and centers for drug treatment in various governorates of the Republic. , With highly skilled drug therapists, explaining that it is against the idea of ​​forcing a drug addict to give treatment, and it is good that the addict has the motivation to treat it.

Menon appealed to all to unite in the face of the phenomenon of addiction, pointing out that the Egyptian government is making great efforts to combat drug abuse.

And Dr. Amr Othman, Director Addiction Funding, The campaigns to find workers in the state machinery were able to find about 450 thousand employees, and more importantly, those who apply for treatment today will receive treatment and service and will not come under the law.

During a televised intervention, he added: “If the employee does not apply for treatment voluntarily, he will be subject to the law. And an induction sample is taken from each employee and, in case of suspicion, in a positive sample, it is sent to the laboratories of the Ministry of Health, and if the employee wishes to make a complaint he goes to forensic medicine. , And forensic medicine is a judgment that can be enforced between two parties.

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He continued: The accuracy ratio of the hypothetical model is 93%, but in the case of confirmation analysis, the accuracy reaches 100%, and the teams move directly and do not know the detection system before attempting to deceive the sample, escape or deviate from the analysis, and the employee is considered positive.

He stressed that the law would apply not only to government agencies but also to public interest organizations, adding that “if there is one hospital, private university, school or anything else, it is subject to another.” The mechanism for inspecting and extracting is not currently used for this, but this law does not apply to the private sector. ”The fine depends on the employer.

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