June 7, 2023

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Messi in Paris .. Two year contract and this is what he did on the first day

Messi in Paris .. Two year contract and this is what he did on the first day

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) -French club Paris Saint-Germain announced on Tuesday that they will sign Argentina star Lionel Messi on a two-year deal. Galacticos ”Real Madrid project in the first era of Florentino Perez.

The Paris club have made an official announcement about Messi’s arrival and joining the ranks, and a video clip shared on Twitter on the club’s official page showed details of the Argentine star’s first day in the French capital, Paris.

Messi appeared on a flight from Barcelona to the French capital, then greeted visitors and went out for medical tests, then went to the club’s headquarters, where he conducted a simple review before signing at the club’s headquarters. Club. He was greeted by the team’s players, Dutchman Gigi Vijaldam and Moroccan Ashraf Hakimi, along with club president Nasser al-Khalifi and Argentine coach Murciோt Pochettino.

Messi and his family showed signs of happiness on the flight, while his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, appeared on the same clip: “I’m fine” in French.

Led by Argentine star Neymar da Silva, Kylian Mbabane, Sergio Ramos, Ashraf Hakimi and Gianluigi Donnarumma, many compared him to the “dream team”, which attracted Real Madrid’s top stars and raised concerns about Barcelona and Spain.

Messi left Barcelona after 21 years at the club unable to sign a contract due to the rules of a fair financial game that required a certain ceiling for Barcelona’s high debts and players’ pay.

The Argentine star said goodbye in tears at a press conference to his former team, who did not want to leave and urged management, but the rules of the financially fair game prevented him from renewing.

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