February 7, 2023

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Messi reveals "hidden" after World Cup

Messi reveals “hidden” after World Cup

Buenos Aires (AFP)

Seven-time world champion Lionel Messi has announced that he will clarify “many things” without further details about his plans after his side’s 3-0 victory over Venezuela after the 2022 World Cup. A small match in the World Cup qualifying round. .
“After the World Cup, I will clarify many things,” Messi said in Buenos Aires after scoring his third goal of the country. Regardless of the outcome there. We hope things go well.
Argentina qualified for the South American qualifiers some time ago, while Messi hopes to win his first world title after four World Cup appearances, especially in 2014, when he became runner-up for Germany after the extension.
The French Paris Saint-Germain player, who will turn thirty next June, answered a question about his future plans: I do not know. I have been wondering what intimacy the Ecuador competition has. Then there are the production competitions in September and October. Then there is the World Cup, after which I do not know.
The former Barcelona star continued: I have been happy in Argentina for a while. It is a pleasure to be with these fans and the national team and to win the Copa America with this excellent team.
The owner of 81 goals with “Albie Celeste” at the Pamponira Stadium explained that “it is important to say goodbye to the fans because we will not play here before the World Cup”.
Messi has been enjoying an unstable season in Paris since coming out of the Champions League final against Real Madrid after coming to the team owned by Qatar, wasting his presence in the first leg.

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