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Meta makes its AI model widely available


On Tuesday, Meta made its language model Llama 2 freely available to companies and researchers under the “open source” method (free access to the programming code), a strategic decision that brings back the giant specializing in social networks. A racetrack in the field of artificial intelligence development.

Llama 2 is a certified GPT4 competitor for Chat GPT and Bing (Microsoft’s search engine), mainly two major cloud platforms, Azure and Microsoft Azure. Available from Amazon on AWS.

“As artificial intelligence models become widely available, everyone can benefit from them (…) and we believe it is safe,” Meta said in a statement.

ChatGBT’s success has led to a frenzied race among tech companies for a generative AI that can answer questions in everyday language and generate all kinds of text after it was released by OpenAI late last year.

The field is dominated by “Microsoft” (a major investor in “Open AI”) and “Google”, but most of the giant tech companies are heavily involved in competing to use the latest generation of artificial intelligence. About its faults and its introspective potential.

“Companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs and researchers can use tools that would be difficult to develop on their own, providing them with information capabilities they otherwise would not otherwise have access to, opening up a world of opportunities for experimentation and innovation,” Meta said.

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram announced the move in a marketing campaign for Microsoft Group, Meta’s main partner in Lama 2.

Microsoft is thus positioning itself in the field of open source artificial intelligence, which is less opaque and more transparent than other artificial intelligence systems.

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The American group also announced that its new flagship tool based on artificial intelligence for the “Microsoft 365” suite for office work will cost $ 30 per month per user.

Copilot is a virtual assistant that transcribes meeting proceedings, provides summaries, and provides access to email, notepad, contacts, and documents to write texts and perform on-demand tasks.

“We believe more than 50 percent of Microsoft’s user base will use enterprise AI,” said Dan Ives, analyst at Wedbush.

Ives predicts that the cloud artificial intelligence market will increase annual cloud computing revenue by “20 percent by 2025.”

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