June 6, 2023

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Meteorologists advise citizens on the upcoming heat wave Agadir24

அகதிர் 24 | அகதிர் 24

Against the backdrop of an increase in hot and dry winds coming from the Sahara, the Kingdom is expected to see a heat wave reaching 49 degrees in some parts of the south from tomorrow Thursday to next Tuesday (August 12 to 17). Country.

In this connection, the General Directorate called AstronomyToday, Tuesday, all male and female citizens are advised to take precautionary measures and avoid going outside as much as possible until five o’clock in the afternoon.

In this context, the Director of Communications of the Center for Meteorology Al-Hussein Yuwabed stressed the need to drink more water and seek shade. .

In addition, the same spokesman warned of the dangers posed by high temperatures, as he warned citizens to avoid wildfires, do not throw flammable materials, and avoid the dangers of thunder at heights.

The same official pointed out that there would be some local thunderstorms in the large and medium Atlantic. Warning messages in this regard.

It is noteworthy that the Center for Meteorology has reported that the average monthly temperature in our country will rise significantly from 05 to 10 degrees in the coming months, as this so-called “eastern” event will cover most of it. Regions of the country, especially the Suez, southern provinces, Tatla, Al House, Al Rahmna, Al Shayashima and other areas.

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