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Microsoft fixes dozens of vulnerabilities in Windows computers

Date: WASHINGTON – Arabs today

Microsoft announced that it has addressed dozens of vulnerabilities in Windows computers, some of which are fatal.

The company noted on its Web blog that the latest update addressed 97 flaws and issues in Windows computers, including 45 security vulnerabilities related to those systems’ code, and fixed 20 issues related to privilege settings, as well as many other vulnerabilities exploited to infiltrate protected computers and Internet data.

Among the more serious vulnerabilities identified in the update is a vulnerability coded as CVE-2023-28252, and this vulnerability is related to the Windows Common Log File System Driver.
According to experts, the aforementioned vulnerabilities could have been used to gain privileges on Windows systems and control those systems.

The latest “Patch Tuesday” update also addressed several vulnerabilities, including CVE-2023-28287, CVE-2023-28295, CVE-2023-28285, and CVE-2023-28311, which were exploited for online phishing.

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