March 30, 2023

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Microsoft has begun removing restrictions on the Bing bot

Microsoft has begun removing restrictions on the Bing bot

Microsoft has rolled back restrictions on its Bing bot, it said in a blog post on Tuesday after receiving requests from users to have long conversations with it.

Ever since Microsoft released a new beta version of its Bing search engine with a sophisticated chatbot, journalists and viewers alike have reported inconsistent or emotional responses from the AI-based information program.

So, the US company announced on Friday, “Bing” will only respond to five consecutive questions or phrases per conversation, after which it will ask its users to start a new topic. It said users will not receive more than 50 responses per day.

But on Tuesday, he decided to increase the number of questions to 6 per session and 60 per day, according to his post, and confirmed that he would soon increase this number after receiving feedback from users who wanted longer conversations.

Microsoft has partnered with OpenAI to create a chatbot for its Bing engine, which has been making waves since last fall with its ChatGPT program capable of generating all kinds of text based on user requests.

Since then, generative AI technology has sparked a lot of excitement along with various concerns.

On the evening of February 14, Microsoft Vice President Yusuf Mahdi announced via Twitter that a beta version of Bing would be available to “millions of people” in the coming weeks. It has already been tested in “169 countries”.