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Microsoft is adding Copilot, an artificial intelligence chatbot, to all its products and technology


Microsoft announced that it plans to add artificial intelligence chatbot “Copilot” to all its products and services.

CoPilot is available in Windows 11, and the company has now added it to Windows 10, though the company wants every Windows user to try it out.

Windows 10 Home or Pro users in Microsoft’s Release Preview channel can test Copilot now, and Windows 10 users in the company’s supported markets will be able to get this new feature in just a few days or weeks.

Microsoft explained last week that it is “rethinking” its approach to the Windows 10 operating system, and says that it is making “additional investments” in the Windows 10 operating system and that more artificial intelligence features may be in the future. But it said it won’t make any major updates to Windows 10.

Windows marketing vice president Aaron Woodman confirmed in a press conference with The Verge last week that Microsoft will no longer support Windows 10: “We will not make any changes to the company’s end of support date for Windows 10. operating system. It ends on October 14, 2025.

With the Windows 10 operating system still popular, it’s no surprise that CoPilot is coming.

A recent report based on internal Microsoft data revealed that the Windows 11 operating system reached 400 million devices two years after its launch. Windows 10 reached this milestone a year after its release and reached 600 million devices a few months after the second anniversary of its release.

CoPilot in Windows 11 has some integration at the operating system level, as it is included in most applications, while the Windows 10 version is basically the Bing Chat platform available through the Edge browser and cannot open applications, change settings, or interact with it. … anything from Windows 10 native app tasks.

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CoPilot on the Windows 11 platform has some integration at the operating system level, as it is included in most applications (Getty).

According to Microsoft, the artificial intelligence chatbot Copilot relies on large language modeling technology, and the company hopes that users will enjoy Copilot on Windows via the taskbar or Edge browser, whether they are casual users or employees working in the IT department.

“With CoPilot, you can use the AI ​​experiences you create without sacrificing privacy, and you can stay at the forefront of AI technology while protecting sensitive company data,” the company said.

He added: “Everyday information people are using implicitly generating AI capabilities to help them discover new content, and they’re also directly using CoPilot or ChatGPT in the browser.”

As Microsoft offers a version of CoPilot to enterprise customers, the company confirms that CoPilot on Windows is designed to meet both needs.

Microsoft points to the possibility of using artificial intelligence to create creative content, which could open up new sources of revenue, while the company hopes that Copilot will become an important tool in the Windows ecosystem.

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