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Microsoft is preparing a much-requested feature in Windows 11


Microsoft is in the process of rolling out new updates to its latest operating system, Windows 11, which will include a feature that users have always requested since the release of the first beta version of the computer operating system.

Microsoft has been continuously improving and improving Windows 11 and adding new features in contrast to the company’s previous slow policy, and now the company is gearing up to deliver the most requested feature by users in the latest system.

Going back to the first releases of Windows 11 preview, many users urged Microsoft to move the multi-user taskbar to different locations and not install it in one place at the bottom in traditional mode. The company stuck to its stance and confirmed it had reasons, but now it seems she’s ready to change her mind.

The ability to change the location of the taskbar at the top was seen in the latest version of the beta version of Windows 11 updates, which is available for developers to see everything new before its official release.

Windows 11 Dev 25309 beta shows Microsoft making the taskbar moving feature available for the first time after Microsoft first discovered and shared the taskbar moving feature via a closed account on Twitter, where a small video shows the taskbar. screen at the top of the screen.

The video shows that the capability is still in the early stages of development and testing, apps still open from the bottom, and the company needs to change some animations when clicking on any of the apps or tools on the taskbar. Very realistic, but in any case Microsoft is finally working to fulfill the wishes of users.

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Best of all, the user can customize the location of the taskbar from “left, right or top alignment”.

Unlike previous generations, it emphasizes Microsoft’s focus on all the details of form and aesthetics and the customization of the Windows 11 interface, and the role of the taskbar has had some improvements so that it can be customized to show the application status or additional shortcuts, and now the company is working to change its location.

This change is currently in the testing phase, and the specific dates for its arrival to all users are unknown, but its presence in preview versions means that it is closer to the final release.

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