March 30, 2023

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‘Microsoft Office’ Enters Artificial Intelligence Race

“We’ve embraced artificial intelligence in autonomous driving, and with this next generation of artificial intelligence we’ve moved from autonomous driving to co-driving,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said during the robot’s announcement at a remote ceremony.

Microsoft is investing billions of dollars in Open AE, the company that developed the technology behind GPT Chat, and released the latest version of the project, GPT-4, on Tuesday.

Microsoft has integrated GPT-4 in its Bing search engine, which is attracting a large number of users due to artificial intelligence.

Other big tech companies are taking a more cautious approach to generative AI, fearing the embarrassment they’ll face if the field becomes unregulated.

This week’s developments, including new funding for AI startup Adept, reflect fierce competition between large and small companies to use software that could change the way people work.

Google’s owner Microsoft and Alphabet are leading the race, and last Tuesday touted Gmail’s artificial intelligence features and a “Magic Wand” program to draw paragraphs in its Word app.

This tool can be used by companies and individuals who want to assign certain tasks to these projects, from writing emails to creating advertising campaigns.

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