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تكنولوجيا : مايكروسوفت تخططلبجعل Windows Terminal تجربة سطر الأوامر الافتراضية الخاصة بها

Microsoft plans to turn Windows Terminal into its default command line experience

Thursday, December 16, 2021 06:50 AM

Microsoft plans to turn its Windows terminal into the default command line experience in Windows 11 next year, while Windows 11 currently supports setting the default Windows terminal, and theverge Tech reports that the default terminal emulator will always be the Windows console host.

Microsoft does not officially support this console host alternative, meaning that Command Prompt and PowerShell are always open on Windows Console Host.

“We plan to make the Windows Terminal the default experience on Windows 11 devices by 2022, and jump through episodes starting with the Windows Insider program and reaching out to everyone in Windows 11,” explains Kyla Cinnamon of Microsoft Windows. Terminal Program Manager.

While this change will not affect most Windows users, developers will soon see the Windows Terminal if they try to get started on the command line, and this is usually a change that updates the Windows console environment, especially Microsoft Terminal Home. Powerful for developers.

The Windows Terminal debuted on Windows 10 in 2019, following a surprise announcement at Microsoft’s annual Built Developers Conference that year, with support for multiple tabs, including themes, customization, and unit-based full-text display support in the Windows Terminal application. Enables graphics and emojis.

Source: Technology: Microsoft plans to turn Windows Terminal into its default command line experience