August 10, 2022

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Microsoft wants to invest in designing video games and creating a virtual "metawares" world

Microsoft wants to invest in designing video games and creating a virtual “metawares” world

Microsoft wants to invest in designing video games and creating a virtual “metawares” world

The giant IT company Microsoft recorded significant sales and profits in all areas of its business at the end of last year, and wants to use these profits to invest in video games and build Metaverse’s virtual world.

“We feel we are in a good position to engage in the next wave of the Internet,” company chairman Satya Nadella told the group’s quarterly revenue conference on Thursday.

Last week, he announced his plans to acquire Activision Blizzard (whose flagship products include Call of Duty and Candy Crush), as well as expand on the virtual world of Metaverse, the future of the digital world.

This $ 69 billion deal is the most important merger and acquisition in the tech world.

Between October and December, Microsoft had $ 51.7 billion in revenue and $ 18.8 billion in net profit, results that exceeded average analyst expectations.

Xbox, on the other hand, the second most used video game system in the world, recorded a limited increase of 10 percent in revenue, and came after Sony’s PlayStation, which gained 64.5 percent of the world market share. In 2021, according to the report. What Statista said.

Nadella confirmed that the company’s betting on content, gaming platforms and the cloud has paid off in recent years, adding that the number of followers has reached record levels in the last quarter.

He noted that 18 million people have used Forza Horizon 5 and more than 20 million people have played Hello Infinite.

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His team hopes to integrate Activision Games into the monthly subscription service for the Xbox Game Pass. It will make Microsoft the third largest company in the video game industry, in terms of sales volume, next to China’s Tencent and Japan’s Sony.

At the end of October, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Two Hat, a content monitoring company involved in removing complex content on the Xbox.

Video games are considered a pioneer in the world of metawares. Game is a component of sites like Roblox or Minecraft, which teens use specifically to find themselves.

Nadella said game users are investing in their avatars and starting to create virtual worlds in Minecraft.

Nadella relies on the group’s traditional services to generate revenue and connect with new virtual worlds.

Over the past quarter, sales of office suite and data storage and processing services grew by 14 percent at the corporate level and 15 percent at the individual level. And his social networking site LinkedIn has grown 37%.

Nadella said the meetings would be held on the Times Through Mesh platform, an augmented or virtual reality collaboration site, starting with screens, computers or smartphones and using the appropriate equipment to make them more attractive.

But some analysts are skeptical of Microsoft’s ability to make rapid progress, first because Activision will take time to acquire the blizzard, and second, it will need to recover from the infection and thus reduce revenue.

Scott Kessler, an expert on the Third Bridge, noted that we have seen the decline of many companies after being one of the stars of the early stages of the epidemic, noting that it is not clear what the development of digital technology will be in light of health measures. Stable.

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