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Microsoft warns of failure of Windows 11 features


Microsoft has begun to warn Windows 11 users that some features will not load on the operating system due to the expiration of the certificate.

As of November 2021, some users will not be able to open or use Windows 11 built-in applications or parts of certain built-in applications.

This was caused by an issue with the Microsoft Digital Certificate, which expired on October 31, 2021.

The company warns that some Windows 11 users will not be able to open applications such as the sniping tool, touch keyboard or emoji panel.

There is a link to fix some issues. But this link is currently under consideration. This means you need to install it manually from the Windows update.

KB4006746 Fixes issues with the patch touch keyboard, voice typing, emoji panel and Start and Tips sections in Windows 11.

You can find this patch by checking for updates in the Windows Update section of Settings in Windows 11.

However, the Microsoft Patch Sniping Tool does not resolve issues with the application.

To alleviate the sniping problem, paste the screenshot into the document using the Print Screen key on your keyboard. You can select the area you want and paste it in the paint to copy it.

If you have problems, change the system date to October 30th and enable the sniping tool to restart without any problems. Once the application loads well, you can change the system date again.

Expired certificate causes problems with the S mode and IME user interface enabled in the Accounts section of the Settings section of Windows 11.

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Cause Certificate has expired

It is unclear how many Windows 11 users will be affected by these issues. It is also unclear when the snipping tool and S mode issues will be resolved.
Microsoft says: “We are working on issues with the Sniping Tool and S mode. We will provide an update when more information becomes available.”

The latest Windows 11 issues come two weeks after the company was forced to release a patch to fix the performance of AMD processors in the operating system. One bug reduced Ryzen processor performance by up to 15 percent on some games.

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