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Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 on this date.. XP’s fate awaits it

Mons Havas Books

Monday, 01 May 2023 01:00 AM

Confident Microsoft Windows 10 22H2 will be the last version of the operating system, and Windows 10 will no longer receive any major updates with security patches and bug fixes, and is slated to end by October 14, 2025. Along with this, Microsoft made it clear that Windows 10 has reached the end of its life cycle and will eventually be discontinued.

However, it might be time for you to consider moving to Windows 11 with its new fluid design interface, improved features and better overall integration between devices, so, if you’ve made up your mind, here’s our step. -Step-by-step guide on how to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

It’s worth noting that Windows 11 comes with a long list of system requirements, so make sure your system meets them.

Windows 11 system requirements

If your computer is not compatible with Windows 11, it is recommended to update the device or update your laptop to be compatible with Windows 11. But if it’s compatible, follow our detailed guide:

– Click on Start and go to Settings.

– Click on Update and Security and then click on Windows Update.

– Check for updates.

If your device has an update and you want to continue, download and install it.

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