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Mild to hot weather through Thursday and hot Friday


Say – Temperatures are rising today on Tuesday, which will record normal rates for this time of the year, and the weather will be mild in the hills and plains and hot in other parts. A few clouds at medium and high altitudes, and winds will be moderate northwesterly.

According to the Meteorological Center, temperatures will rise again tomorrow Wednesday, making the weather moderately hot in most areas and hot with a few outbreaks in the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea and Aqaba. Clouds at medium and high altitudes, and winds will be moderate to northwesterly.

Temperatures continue to rise on Thursday, recording about (3-4) degrees Celsius higher than normal rates for this time of the year, and the weather will be hot in most areas, relatively hot in the desert Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and Aqaba, and the winds will be moderate from the southeast, sometimes It is vigorous and raises dust in paddy areas.

On Friday, the temperature will rise slightly, and the weather will be warm in hilly areas and hot in other parts, clouds will appear at higher altitudes, and winds will be moderate to gusty from the southeast, causing dust. Especially in desert areas.

Today’s maximum and minimum temperatures will be 13-26 degrees Celsius in East Oman, 11-24 in West Amman, 9-22 in Northern Highlands, 8-21 in Shara Heights, 14-29 and 26 in Badiya areas. -26 in plains. 13, 19-30 in the Northern Valley, 21-32 in the Southern Valley, 20-31 in the Dead Sea, and 21-32 degrees Celsius in the Gulf of Aqaba.

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