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Military expert: For these reasons, the occupation has withdrawn its forces and its attempt to create a buffer zone will fail | news



Military and strategist Major General Fayez Al-Duwayri attributed the Israeli occupation army's withdrawal of units of its forces from the Gaza Strip to the closing of the military horizon and failure to achieve real control over the residential areas of the area. , in addition to economic pressures, a change in Israeli street and international attitudes.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz pointed out that the army is already in the third phase of deployment, plans to field more reserve soldiers, and that the expected amendments include the establishment of a security zone inside Gaza. Various command centers are already preparing for a major change in January.

Al-Duwayri believes the buffer zone the occupation seeks to create is equal to between a third and a half of Gaza, pointing out that the move would be dangerous if implemented because the target area is similar. A food basket for the residents of the Strip, and without it for the people of Gaza, they will have nothing to sustain life, except to allow the occupation.

He explained that the area is adjacent to the border, 200 to 300 meters deep inside the built-up areas, and that the occupation has been engaged in planned destruction for 3 days to try to impose a new reality that will facilitate procedures. Seeks to execute during the third phase of ground operations.

Al-Duwayri attributes the continued escalation to the widening gap between the two sides' proposals on the political track, a willingness to negotiate in light of the hitherto closed horizon, with the Israeli side offering to release prisoners. Ceasefire, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) insists on ending the occupation…negotiated.

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A military expert insists that Israeli prisoners in Gaza represent the only trump card in the hands of Hamas and the opposition forces, and if they are lost, there will be much talk of a post-Hamas phase in Gaza, or evacuation of the area. Its population, so it is not fair for Hamas to ignore this card.

Al-Tuwairi expects the escalation to continue at a fever pitch, pointing out that its escalation is an attempt to break the Hamas movement's willingness to accept certain conditions or make basic concessions, as the occupation has no other cards to play. Negotiations.

But he believes the third phase of the Israeli ground operation is a “failed project”. , they will turn away from them again.

In some areas such as Shuja'iya there were reports of mutiny in lower units at the battalion level, where groups of soldiers started refusing orders to enter combat, so the army is trying to rectify the matter and try to emerge victorious through a transfer process.

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