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Military expert: Netanyahu’s claim that the war will continue will escape the front and his army is facing a long-term defeat


Military and strategic expert Major General Fayez al-Tuwairi said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements to continue the war in the Gaza Strip were “arrogant and forward-looking” and that he could not release prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance.

Al-Tuwairi believes – during his analysis for Al Jazeera – that Netanyahu will not win the current battle, and that his decision will eventually lead to imprisonment, a reminder of the rights and problems that continue to haunt him within Israel.

He pointed out that what prevents him from being jailed is the immunity that currently protects him as the president of the Israeli government.

However, according to Al-Tuwairi, Netanyahu is trying to prove to Israeli society that he is “a man of this stage who can achieve a victory, and he is capable of preserving (the Israeli state’s) existence and keeping Zionism in place.”

Al-Tuwairi’s comments came in response to Netanyahu’s statements during a visit to an armored force camp in the southern region, where he said Tel Aviv would continue fighting and “international pressure will not stop us.”

“Chronic Failure”

Regarding field developments, the military expert described the occupation army as “suffering from chronic failure in leadership, battle management and at the level of division commanders, regiments and battalions, and characterized by sterility in thinking and laxity at all levels”.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Israeli military officials as saying that the war strategy in Gaza “is not ideal, and the fighting is not good, and there is a need to fight in a safer way with tanks and planes.”

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In this context, Al-Duwairi said that the Merkava tanks are protected and considered the best in the world, and that the occupation aircraft destroyed almost 80% of the buildings in Gaza, “Had this fire support been available, the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Al-Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), would have been liberated.” And resistance factions from sea to river in Palestine.”

The occupying army suffered from an intelligence failure because it entered the Gaza Strip in an environment of “conventional warfare and asymmetric warfare,” he continued, citing Major General Golani’s Qassam ambush in the Shujaya neighborhood to the east. Scores of people died and were injured in Gaza, most of them officers.

He pointed out that the Golani Brigade has a long-standing feud with the Shujaiya neighborhood after heavy losses in the 2014 war, resulting in the capture of soldier Shaul Aaron, but it has not learned from past mistakes. and still repeats them.”

The strategist cited US statements to Israel not to repeat Washington’s mistakes after the events of September 11, 2001. However, “Tel Aviv did not take them and continued its basic plans in Gaza.”

He emphasized that the increasing casualties in Gaza will negatively affect the morale of the occupying soldiers, especially the killing of two soldiers trying to free the bodies of two Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip and the killing before the Israeli army killed and wounded a prisoner they were trying to free.

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He concluded his remarks by concluding that the Israeli military cannot change its war tactics in Gaza “because it is dealing with an unknown enemy.”

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