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Millions of people are learning a language that no one speaks.. What is the reason?


The language that appeared in the “Game of Thrones” series, learned it, raised questions about whether it was a departure from reality or an overabundance of the series.

A professor of sociology for “Sky News Arabia” answers this question and analyzes what, in his view, motivates a person to learn a language that he does not want to benefit or use in his life.

Talk of the “Valyrian language” came from the works of George Martin, the author of the “Ice and Fire” novels, from which the “Game of Thrones” series was adapted, which tells a fictional story about a brutal civil war. Between factions of the Targaryen dynasty, and American linguist David G. Peterson further expanded Martin’s vocabulary.

It is the language of the dragon rulers who rule the fictional realm in the novel, and this language first appeared in the third season of the series in 2012, and the first course to learn it was launched in “Tolingo”. Estimates of the number of people applying and learning it in 2017 vary between half a million and a million and a quarter of a million people.

“Imagination” immortalizes events

Professor of Sociology Dr. Saeed Sadeq links the success of the “Game of Thrones” series to the need for this language, especially among young people, for psychological, social and functional reasons:

  • There is an audience inspired by his heroes and the language they speak, so they try to immortalize his events by preserving this language and affirming their cultural integration with his world.
  • Some fans of the series believe that learning this language will help them understand it and talk about it to their friends with more experience.
  • These things attract people with a big void; Therefore, we should not be surprised that teenagers are particularly attracted to learning language, even if it is a fictional language.
  • Challengers also have a role in learning a language; As a personal challenge to acquire a new skill.
  • The unique grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation found in the Valerian language will be of interest to those looking to expand their language skills.
  • The desire for emotion among the viewers who love this series makes learning the language a common factor for some people to overcome, especially since there are forums and groups on social networks that make it easier for them to meet across the country and their practical language, and they can organize local meetings.
  • For language learning enthusiasts, learning a unique new language makes it easier for them to find work, for example, in fields related to translation or dubbing and voicing for similar shows.
  • “If you’re not a fan of the series, you’re not going to be interested in learning its languages, or even implying that there are people trying to learn that fictional language,” asserts Satake.
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The epic series won a record number of viewers worldwide. What qualified him to nominate and win many international awards such as “Emmy” and “Golden Globe” awards.

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