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Minecraft developer Mojang does not allow NFTs in the game


Minecraft developer Mojang does not allow NFTs in the game

Maine Craft Developer Mojang Studios is taking a firm stance against NFTs. B A blog post titled “Minecraft and NFTs”. A studio owned by Microsoft, “Integration of NFTs Maine Craft It’s something we generally don’t support or condone.”

“A guarantee Maine Craft Gamers have a secure and comprehensive experience, and blockchain technologies are not allowed to be integrated into our client and server applications. Maine Craft Mujang said game content, such as worlds, skins, characters or other mods, are used by blockchain technology to create rare digital assets.

According to Mojang, some companies have “developed NFT applications Maine Craft Universal files and skin packs. The studio also suggests that it could be theoretical Maine Craft “Collect” NFTs or players can earn NFTs by doing things Maine Craft Earn them on the server or from the actual game.

These practices promote digital deprivation and exclusion, which Mojang argues are antithetical to values. Maine Craft. “NFTs do not encompass our entire community and create a scene of what is and isn’t,” the studio said. Mojang goes further and says that the speculative nature of NFTs “encourages profits”.

I highly recommend you Read the full blog post, as it provides many reviews of NFTs and blockchain projects in an easy-to-understand language. (There are a few quotes I could add.)

Valve has also taken a tough stance Against blockchain and NFT games on SteamAnd so has much of the gaming community Exactly Unacceptable NFTsWith Ubisoft I stopped doing NFT Ghost recon breakpoint Only a few months After starting the initiative. Last year Epic Games said yes ‘Unlocking’ for Blockchain Games At Epic Games Store, the first blockchain game has arrived In June.

While Mujang doesn’t completely close the door on future blockchain integration, he concludes, “We have no plans to implement blockchain technology in the future.” Maine Craft right now.”

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