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Minecraft fan builds Warden concepts in every dimension


Terrifying guards everywhere found settlements deep in ancient cities Maine Craft The world has been a huge success since its introduction, and a creative fan of the game dares to imagine alternate forms for this creature if it lives in dimensions beyond the overworld. The warden is much stronger than the normal gang Maine Craft They are unique in their ability to catch prey by sound and smell alone.

Introduced to the game in the 2022 Wild update, the Warden is a rare and powerful creature that guards the secrets of ancient cities long abandoned. Although it may at first appear that they present themselves as some kind of boss, these sight-impaired monsters aren’t really worth fighting. Instead, it’s designed to offer something from the horror side of the game Maine Craft, relying solely on their sense of hearing and smell to catch soldiers and other mobs trespassing on their territory. Killing a Guardian is possible but challenging, as it has a total of 500 health points – twice the amount of an Ender Dragon.

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It’s fair to say Warden is one of the most mechanically complex mobs in the game Maine Craft, and the complexity of the creature inspired a fan to imagine how different versions of the Warden would look and act. A fan known as throwaway_cast on Reddit shared a post on the site that showed various looks of the Warden, with each model inspired by different dimensions. Maine Craft. The idea is that the Overworld, Nether, and End Dimensions could each have their own versions of the Warden with their own trigger mechanisms. The fan behind the idea gave each of these rangers their own names – “The Hollow” for living in Hell and “The Stalker” for roaming the Dark Plains of the Dead.

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This post quickly became popular Maine Craft Society, no doubt thanks to the popularity of Thalapathy. Many fans interested in these ideas were eager to submit their own, with some players speculating on how each version of Warden would be complete with different attack behaviors, mechanics, and styles. with Maine CraftSince the current Warden is completely blind, many fans have suggested that the alternate Warden form could rely on strong vision instead.

Although the wild update added a touch of horror and mystery with its additions last year, Maine Craft Still going strong with its content updates. The recently released Trails and Tales update puts more emphasis on exploration Maine CraftAdded a new cherry blossom biome, ancient decay structures, two new mobs, and plenty of gameplay features.

Maine Craft Available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and most older consoles.

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