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Minister of Irrigation: The Nile Delta is one of the most threatened areas in the world


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Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Atti, Chairman of the Egyptian General Commission for Coast Guard Eng. Ahmed had a meeting with Abdel-Qadir. Beaches.

The Minister of Irrigation said that climate change and sea level rise are a major challenge for a large number of countries in the world. Protecting coastal areas from the effects of current and future climate change as sea levels rise is an essential issue in order to protect the safety of citizens and investments in industrial, agricultural and tourism areas along the North Coast. Conserving natural resources for future generations in Egypt, especially in the delta region, in order to allow them to achieve future economic and social development.

He added: In light of the importance of the Climate Change File, Egypt looks forward to hosting the next Climate Conference and Water Pavilion, which will take place within its functions as a golden opportunity to present the challenges representing the African continent. The brown continent in the water sector, launched under the title “Water at the heart of climate action”. The fifth Cairo Water Week will take place before the Climate Conference.

The Minister pointed out that the objectives of the projects implemented and ongoing in the field of coastal protection are to combat the negative effects of climate change. 50 km With the aim of protecting other lengths up to and including individuals and facilities in coastal areas, it works to prevent the collapse of the coastline in areas affected by severe erosion factors and to restore lost beaches. Risks of submergence in the protection of certain villages and low-lying areas, in order to increase tourism revenue in areas where conservation work is being carried out, to protect the agricultural lands behind the conservation work, to stabilize tourist areas and to acquire new areas for tourism purposes.

Conservation work also helps to improve fisheries in the northern lakes by working to improve and improve the quality of the lakes’ water quality by improving the movement of seawater entering the lakes.

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One of the most important projects being implemented to protect the beaches of the city of Alexandria is the Corniche and Beaches Protection Project, where the process of strengthening and improving the Corniche towards the Manshea and Ramle station was able to preserve the ancient Corniche wall and Corniche. Reconstruction and maintenance of concrete slabs along the road and 350 m of garnish wall by erection of 835 m long sea wall using 5 ton concrete blocks and various degree stones. Completion of the construction of a series of submarines in Alexandria to protect the beaches and the Corniche Road on the Saraya coast and in front of the El Mahroosa Hotel, by installing the L-shaped tongue in front of the El Mahroosa Hotel. , With a length of approximately 600 meters and a pillar construction of 155 meters, the project will contribute to the restoration of lost beaches by sea due to the exposure to high waves, which will bring greater benefits to the Governorate of Alexandria. From the investments made in the area, set up 2 submarine barriers in front of the area which is about 1,600 meters long and 40 meters wide and cut the submerged waves about 30 meters wide by laying sand in the area of ​​Ho Bin beach.

In light of the projects being implemented to protect the archeological sites in the city of Alexandria, the Coast Guard is currently in the process of protecting Fort Guide Bay in Alexandria from high waves and continuous erosion on the main rock of the castle. The area around the fort will be upgraded to attract and activate tourism investments by setting up a 520 meter long wall, a 100 meter long marina, a 120 meter concrete walker, a 30 meter stone tongue, and a sand feed.

The Commission is also in the process of preserving and strengthening the archaic sea wall in Montasa to protect the sea wall and the Montasa Bridge from high tides and continuous erosion activities. And the foundations of the Archaeological Bridge, a 280-meter-long sea wall constructed of standardized stones and blocks and reinforcing the bridge’s foundations, archeological sea wall, lighthouse, treatment and reinforcement wall of the archeological site, and concrete slabs on top of the concrete wall.

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In the field of delta protection, a project is underway to protect the scaffolding area in front of the navy in the Gulf of Abu Gir and the excavation project for the mouth of the Nile. Implementing excavation or excavation of deposited sand at a distance of 2 km. Bougaz Rashid facilitates navigation from the opening and in a southerly direction.

It is noteworthy that the Coast Guard has implemented a number of projects to protect the coastal lowlands west of the front of the Rashid branch in the new Rashid area in Buhaira Governorate, and a project to protect the coastal area north of Brigade Galleon. Construction of 16 stone heads, a project to protect the lowlands up to the mouth of the Rashid branch, 29 km west of Brulles, and a project to protect the lowlands west of the city of Kamsa from the western entrance to Mansoura’s new town, 12 km long, and the headwaters of the Kichner Canal with sand and feeding east Area protection plan.

Security work has been carried out in Ross El Bar by implementing the process of protecting the area west of the Ross L bar, including the alignment of the sea wall west of the Ross L bar, the integration and restoration of the breakwaters, and the protection. And excavation of the Kamza drainage faade, and implementation of conservation work for the Gulf areas, east of the port of Tomato, west of Ross L Bar and east of Espet El Burj.

In Marsa Matrouh, a project to protect and develop the Gulf of Marsa Matrouh was completed with the work of tongues to protect the southern part of the Gulf and the cornice of Marsa Matrouh from rapid erosion in front of it. Maintaining the appropriate depth to navigate the route near and parallel to the coast and prevent sedimentation, tourism development and job creation and job creation for the people of Marsa Matro and increase the economic revenue of the province.

Al-Obeid Beach, one of the distinctive beaches of Marsa Matrouh, is set against the backdrop of the retreat of the existing investment-threatened beach line, and the Coast Guard has installed 5 stone protection heads into the sea with T-shaped breakwaters approximately 50 to 75 meters long between them. A 300-meter retaining wall is under construction, and work is underway on the second phase of the defense, which will work on the Tongues (barriers) team to protect the 20 barrier heads east of the current barriers, the al-Obid area and the new al-Obid cornice, which is about 4 km long. It is scheduled to end in 2024.

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The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, represented by the Egyptian Public Commission for the Protection of Beaches, is currently implementing a development plan to adapt to the effects of climate change on sea level rise and severe weather on the northern coasts and the Nile Delta. Incidents affecting critical low-lying coastal areas and sometimes seawater intrusion A total of 69 km of embankments in 5 coastal governorates: Conservation work is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The project includes the establishment of early warning stations at various depths within the Mediterranean for retrieval of data on storm surges, tsunamis and sudden natural events. In the Mediterranean to protect investments and natural resources in coastal areas, the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The project is to be implemented in the 27-km-long Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, with the first priority being to protect the international road, the Brullus Power Station, the aquaculture project in the Galleon Pond and the neighboring farmland. As well as future expansions in tourism projects. .

The project is characterized by the implementation of pioneering experiments in the use of low-cost technologies and eco-friendly materials, including the construction of several beach bridges around the project area for conservation work, and the protection of longer areas. Lines for sand fenders, then vertical rows are used where sand fenders are used to collect sand, reducing sand loss caused by wind during storms.

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