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“Ministerial Development” discusses health care standards for women before, during and after childbirth.


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs Sheikh Mansour bin Saeed Al Nahyan confirmed that the UAE is at the forefront of the development of policies and initiatives to provide better services from the vision of its leadership. Implementing projects in various promising sectors that will benefit the people, as well as the country, citizen and resident. Her land.

When Expo 2020 chaired the Cabinet meeting on development in Dubai, it reviewed the package of compulsory special health packages in a study submitted by the Ministry of Health and Social Security. Services for women before and after childbirth at the state level are aimed at enhancing the health and knowledge of women and children, which will positively affect the health and safety of the family and society and enhance the competitiveness of the UAE. Department of Health Care.

The agenda of the meeting includes discussing the issuance of an integrated policy on the establishment of special funds in the federal government, all necessary arrangements for the establishment and management of financial and accounting policies and private funds with the aim of determining the general rules for establishing funds for all federal institutions based on their management and objectives.

The move aims to provide federal authorities with a comprehensive reference guideline when applying to establish special funds, clarify compliance policies and procedures, and ensure the use of justice and transparency and international best practices at all levels. The process of evaluating the establishment of special funds.

On the other hand, to facilitate the practice of these companies, the Council discussed the conditions for companies operating in non-financial free zones to carry out their activities within the country and outside the non-financial free zone. Improving their business and their competitiveness, which reflects positively on the increase in companies’ transactions, the quality of their products and economic and financial indicators within the country. In the same context, the Council discussed with brokerage firms established in the Dubai Multi Commodities Market and those who work for the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange as licensed commodity brokers to trade on the Derivative Contract platform in the Dubai Financial Market. The increase in daily trading rates in the financial markets and the environment supporting the national economy. In government affairs, the Council discussed and reviewed a number of initiatives and decisions to regulate government functions, including an amendment to the policy of labeling nutritional values ​​for products aimed at improving the flexibility and smooth trade of goods and food. , And in order to ensure the sustainability of the food industry in a variety of situations, utility would be optional. The Council also reviewed a study submitted by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure to implement the Ministry’s role as regulator of the country’s electricity and water sectors, with the aim of regulating electricity and water connectivity between the country and the Emirates. Boundaries, ensuring fair access to electricity networks between local bodies in the country and regulating electricity trade and water exchange between the Emirates. Utilization of surplus generating capacity of electricity and water in authorities and institutions in the State.

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Regarding government reports and the performance of companies, the Council during its session reviewed several reports reviewing the performance of the Emirates Investment Commission and the Financial Performance Report for the implementation of the Federation’s first budget. The Federal Tax Authority and the Public Pensions and Insurance Commission review the report of the Audit Bureau on the final accounts of the Community and Emirates Real Estate Corporation for the financial year 2021 ending 12/31/2020.

Mansour bin Saeed:

கம் The UAE prioritizes the development of policies and initiatives to provide better services to its people.

In the context of the meeting agenda and council discussions:

Providing an integrated policy on the establishment of special funds in the Federal Federal Government.

Financial Discuss conditions for companies operating in non-financial free zones to conduct their operations within the country and outside the non-financial free zone.

. Discuss the revision of the policy of labeling the nutritional value of products.

Review of several government reports and final accounts of companies ending fiscal year 2020.

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