May 19, 2022

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Mira al-Suwaidi was elected Reporter of the Office of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Parliamentary Women’s Bureau.

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At the 144th General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union on the Indonesian island of Bali, participants in a meeting of the Bureau of Parliamentary Women’s Forum agreed to elect Mira Sultan al-Suwaidi as a member. The Committee of the United Arab Emirates Parliamentary Group in the Union will be the Representative of the Bureau for the 34th Session to be held next October.

He was also elected chairman of the first committee of the forum formed to study draft resolutions and topics on the agenda of the next General Assembly of the Union.

During the meetings of the Bureau and the Forum, a Chairperson was elected for the Thirty-third Session, and the latest measures to promote equality between men and women, the functions of the Bureau of Women Parliamentarians and its discussions on the previous two were reported. Sessions, the work of the Gender Partnership Committee and the recent steps taken by the Federation to promote equality between men and women and the parliamentary experience in contributing to the work of the 144th General Assembly and improving health according to this perspective. Numerous mothers are dying and fluctuations continue to be seen in half of newborns and those who are sick in high-quality treatment.


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