June 27, 2022

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Miriam Fares in her documentary review: People hate me for success

Miriam Fares in her documentary review: People hate me for success

The actress responded Miriam Force After presenting his own documentary shown on the global Netflix site, the criticisms he has faced in recent times have pointed out that everyone who criticizes this work is a disgusting person who hates success for himself and everyone.

Miriam Fares spoke about these criticisms during her interview with Sky News, during which she revealed many of the secrets of her life, as well as the most difficult times she went through, and the opportunities for her return to drama. Upcoming works he will present again.

In this report, we review Miriam Fares’ most important statements

– There are many who hate me and hate success, unfortunately many of them are in Lebanon, and in the best words, I wrote about my documentary and not everyone who criticized it saw these words.

Miriam Fares responded to criticism on her documentary

The biggest achievement I have made in my life is running a family. This is the most important thing in life.

– I do not want to see a new song or clip for an artist … but I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to offer.

Google gave me the post of Google Ambassador because people were looking for me more.

I fully engaged my body in the song of betrayal of the world and danced to one of the most difficult arts, I became so comfortable, the world is treacherous, but we can overcome it.

People were very supportive of me when I was sick.

– Magda El Rumi is the greatest heart we can see in the art community, I have never seen anything like her in her generosity, we did not ask her, she just stood by me, she only then told her, I opened my heart to her, she says again.

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– I’m tired of being charged with a lot of things .. They will put me in dance and drama after I say it.

I think I’m going to play again … reading new things.

I will sing an Amazing love song for these people.

Reports by Miriam Force

– I sing in every country for the artist I like and be inspired by, in Iraq, I sing for Naseem al-Qasalik, and I want to sing for Muhammad Abdo, Adavia, he chose the singer according to each country.

My mother instilled in us a love for the motherland and a fear of the Lord.

– Lebanese woman has made significant progress, but she has a lot to do, until she becomes a man, why can not a Lebanese woman give citizenship to her son?