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بالبلدي: أخطاء قد تتسبب في تلف بطارية آيفون

Mistakes that damage the iPhone battery iPhone battery damage causes great inconvenience to users because the performance and speed of the phone depends on the quality of its battery.

So, in the iOS 13 update, Apple introduced a new feature that shows the battery level as a percentage compared to its level when you first bought the phone.

Today we talk to you through our article about the best ways to protect iPhone battery and how to avoid bugs that can cause damage.

Maintain iPhone Battery

The process of battery damage depends on the way the phone is used and charged, and it naturally deteriorates due to age and constant use.

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Apple claims that battery life is affected by the life of the chemical components of the battery, and that it is affected by the temperature and the method of charging the phone you follow.

The increased chemical life of the battery causes constant charge loss and the phone needs to be charged for a short period of time.

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So, Apple introduced a feature to customize the battery charge because this feature can control the charging cycle of the phone and maintain the battery status well.

This is done by adjusting the battery charging process according to your daily sleep schedule and the time you usually remove the phone from the charger.

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Allows the phone to charge normally until the battery reaches 80% charge, and then stops the charging process until it is 100% ready when you wake up.

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The phone spends 100% less time improving battery life and its performance.

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Enable battery charging

This feature only works on iOS 13 phones, but is not expected to run on phones under iOS 13.

To enable this feature, all you have to do is follow these steps:

Go to Settings application, then Battery, then Battery Health, then Battery Charging.

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After that, activate this feature by pressing the activate button, and the feature should allow you to collect data about the location of the phone to work well.

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