May 18, 2022

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Models showing the design and sizes of Apple's upcoming iPhone 14 series phones

Models showing the design and sizes of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 series phones

The latest leaked images of the iPhone 14 Series models gave a clear idea of ​​the design and size of Apple’s upcoming versions.

The leaks continue to reveal new details for the upcoming iPhone 14 series, and earlier leaks revealed three-dimensional images showing Apple’s vision in designing this year’s versions.

Recent leaks suggest that Apple is preparing to make the next versions of the iPhone, as metal models of the iPhone 14 have already been identified.

I found new images on the Weibo operating system, which indicates that Apple is going this year to reduce the screen size of phones from three sizes to two sizes.

Also the pictures confirm that this year Apple is offering 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch versions, and there is no mini version in this year’s phones.

Pro versions are scheduled to come with a telephoto camera this year, but Apple will not offer Periscope lenses in the iPhone 14 series, but the Pro versions will come with a 48-megapixel main sensor this year, which will largely support 8K video recording. Performance, with digital zoom support. .

The leaks also indicate that the camera design in the Pro versions comes with a more prominent design as a result of the new sensor in the camera settings.

On the other hand, expectations indicate that major versions will come with the current A15 processor chip, while Apple will upgrade the processor in the Pro versions that come with the A16 chip to support the new sensor in the camera and 8K video recording.


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