January 27, 2023

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Mohamed Salah misses Liverpool penalty kick by Leicester City player (photo)

AFP Lindsay Barnaby

Liverpool suffered a stunning 1-0 defeat to Leicester City in the 20th round of the English Premier League on Tuesday, when the team’s star player Mohamed Salah failed to take a penalty kick in the first half.

Ademola Lukman scored the winning goal for Leicester in the 59th minute.

Danish’s Caspar Smichel scored brilliantly in the 15th minute to thwart Salah’s penalty kick, and the “Reds” were guilty of wasting countless chances at the “King Power” ground, where Sadio Mane and Diego Jota, like their Egyptian counterparts, were wasted.

After the defeat, Leicester player James Madison went to the English press to talk about what he had done, before taking a penalty kick towards Mohamed Salah.

Midfielder Madison Mohamed Salah stood behind and uttered a word in the Egyptian winger’s ear before taking a penalty in the first half, and he seems to have succeeded in trying to distract him.

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Liverpool are experiencing the bitterness of their second defeat this season

This is Liverpool’s second defeat of the league this season, 3-2 in their first game against West Ham United in the 11th round of the tournament.

Liverpool’s draw was six points behind Manchester City and froze in second place with 41 points.

Source: London Newstime

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