February 7, 2023

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Mohammad Adele’s sharp attack on social media after starring in the film “Dissociation”: “If Noor Al-Sharif had lived, would he have done this?” | News

Artist Mohamed Adele launched a vicious attack on social networking sites and had a negative impact on the art community.

Mohamed Adele said during the “Live Your Morning” show presented by Fanaa Imam and Yusuf Al-Tohmi via Nocom FM: I was very attracted to my role in the “Dissociation” series. Denying the course, I am the enemy of social media.

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He added, “The character I played was for a man who was in crisis in his relationship with his wife, which prompted them to hire another woman’s belly, and an incident like this has been recurring recently recently. ” He is bad and there is a buzz on social media demanding that he be hanged to find out who he is. Injustice was inflicted.

In answer to a question, what problem do you have on social media? He said: There are those on social media who make money by pretending to be a fake dessert, spoiling the art of making a false star for many and believing that some people will take video on Tick Tock. Money equal to the star status of those who are tired of studying.

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And he continued: I had to create accounts on social media because there are documented accounts in my name, for which I am not responsible, but I oppose the actor releasing a picture every day, I am ashamed. I find that my job is acting, if Noor Al Sharif had been alive he would have acted this way, he is a very refreshing star.

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The sixteenth episode of the “Divorce” series sparked great controversy on social media, especially during the events that highlighted the issue of surrogacy, with the exception of “Regina,” a university professor, Mido Adele, was involved in the case. Officer Sheriff Noah “Ahmad Safwat”.


It is noteworthy that the series “Divorce” starring star Rozina, with the participation of talented artist Lucy, Arab playwright Samiha Ayub, Abdel Aziz Makyun, Ahmed Fouad Saleem, Mohamed Lodfi, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Mohamed Gilani. Written by Ahmed Safwat, Sama Ibrahim and Mido Adel, Mohamed Mahran, Mustafa Sehyab and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.

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