May 25, 2022

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Mohammed Ibrahim Obaidullah supports the "Billion Meals" initiative

Mohammed Ibrahim Obaidullah supports the “Billion Meals” initiative

Dubai: “Gulf”

Emirate businessman Mohamed Ibrahim Obaidullah has joined the list of philanthropists with one million contributions in support of the “Billion Meals” initiative, the largest in the region to provide food support to the poor and needy from 50 countries in the Emirates.

Mohammed Ibrahim Obaidullah’s contribution provides food assistance directly to the poor and needy in 50 countries, both in their homes, in support of the initiative organized by “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives”.

Quiet contributions

In addition to the financial contributions announced by well-known individuals for public and private sector companies and organizations and various economic sectors, social work organizations and public welfare charitable causes, the Billion Meals initiative receives great support and generous donations. From the many philanthropists who did not wish to declare the amount they donated in support of the campaign’s efforts, or in some cases, their names were not announced, and donations were listed as “Beneficiary”.

Entrepreneur Muhammad Ibrahim Obaidullah said: “We have learned from our Islamic religion the interest in contributing to humanitarian work through its tolerant teachings and rational leadership based on the firm values ​​of giving to the afflicted and relief. Those in need and interested. Our brilliant leadership has changed the name of the United Arab Emirates to the equivalent of a charitable and humanitarian mission. We are proud to contribute to the Global Humanitarian Initiative launched in the United Arab Emirates to spread its benefits to our brothers and sisters in humanity, near and far. We hope that “Billion Meals” will convey the message of hope of the United Arab Emirates to those in need of food support around the world.

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