April 1, 2023

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Mohammed Mounir sings in Abu Dhabi for Good Land

After a long hiatus, artiste Mohammed Mounir returned to meet his fans in Abu Dhabi last night in front of a huge audience at the Al Saha area in the capital.

At the start of the ceremony, Muneer confirmed his happiness among his fans, pointing out that he had arrived in Abu Dhabi and planned to perform a concert in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia before that. Have a concert next week in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. He explained that this matter reflects the meaning of the Arab singer to be always everywhere with his audience and his fans, expressing his hope that he will sing in all the Gulf countries.

The great artiste was keen to express his happiness at holding two concerts in the Emirates, one in Dubai on February 19 and the other yesterday in Abu Dhabi, through a tweet he posted on his Twitter account, in which he said, “I am in the sister country of the Emirates to perform two concerts in one week. Proud.”

The Abu Dhabi concert, which lasted for about an hour and a half, saw a great interaction from the audience who were eager to sing along with Mounir and dance to the rhythm of his songs. In their hearts, “Great is great, we love you, Maunir.” The band’s musicians excelled in giving “solo” solos during the songs, encouraged and complimented by Mohamed Mounir.

Mounir presented a collection of his songs, in which he remembered a part of his old days, such as “Ali Zodak al-Ghana”, “Wasat al-Dairah”, “Food of God”, “Shamandura”, “People, People” , “Tonight, Samra”, and “My Love”. The color of chocolate”, before that every time he sings brown people or chocolates, he explains the good land and what is good in it, not darkness. – skin.

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Muhammad Mounir:

“I am proud to host two concerts in one week in the sister country of the Emirates.”

“My wanderings in Arab cities reflect the meaning of the Arab singer, and to be with him for his audience.”


A minute later, there was a concert by “King” Mohammed Mounir on Channel Al Saha in Abu Dhabi.