May 30, 2023

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الفنان محمد رمضان

Mohammed Ramadan fined 12 12.5 million after post-doctoral crisis

Muhammad Ramadan is plagued by crises as his shadow, and as soon as he leaves one, he falls into another, and finally had a legal dispute with the “Al-Adl Group” for the production of art.

An Egyptian court has ordered Mohammed Ramadan to pay 12 12 million and 500 500,000 for not signing a contract to star in a film.

Also, on Sunday, Mohammed was ordered to pay ர 500,000 to Ramadan, ordering the contractor’s money he received and the legal interest on this amount.

The court ordered Mohammed to pay 12 12 million to Ramadan, which was the agreed compensation stated in the contract, and was owed to him in exchange for costs and lawyer fees.

According to the ruling, Muhammad Ramadan was found by the court to have violated his contractual obligations, avoiding performing the role assigned to him under the contract agreement dated October 2018, which was tentatively named in the film without the title “Ordinary Hero”.

Under the terms of the agreement, Muhammad agreed to include the role of the Ramadan Championship as it is, and agreed to begin filming it on any date set by the company, and Ramadan was declared without objection from him. He receives 6 6 million including taxes and value added tax.

Also Mohamed Ramadan received 500 500,000 in advance, he fully devoted himself to doing the work assigned to him under the contract and will not be contracted with any other producer in any other film industry for the specified working period of film, within one year, this commitment is an essential condition of the contract.

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After another crisis in the last few days, Mohammed Ramadan received a doctorate from the German International Cultural Center in Lebanon, and later withdrew after the matter angered many quarters.