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Moonlight is due to reflection of light


Moonlight is due to reflection of light

Moonlight is caused by the reflection of light, and the moon is considered an opaque body that does not emit light or light rays, and the moon is one of the functions of the earth, and the moon is the light that reaches the earth. When the moon appears at night, the albedo of the moon is 0.136, thereby illuminating the darkest nights in the middle of the Hijri month.

Source of moonlight

The Moon is one of the darkest celestial bodies and shines at night because of its proximity to the Earth.The Moon emits light because it reflects the Sun’s rays, because the surface of the Moon has bright and dark areas called maria, which vary in color according to the rocks that make them up, and which reflect the difference in its composition and age. have, which makes the face of the soul always face the earth at the far side of the moon. What cannot be seen from Earth is called the dark side.

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Moonlight due to reflection of light

Since the intensity of moonlight varies from time to time, moonlight is the light that illuminates the Earth’s surface, and scientists have found that when the Moon is 180 degrees from the Sun, it is at its zenith. This is due to reflected light.”

Mechanism of reflection of light from the moon

When the sun’s rays fall on a rough surface like the moon, the light is reflected in all directions, this process is called non-uniform reflection, and the intensity of the moon’s light depends on three factors, the most important of which are the following:

  • Luminosity of the object: It refers to the amount of light reflected by the celestial body in any direction.
  • Total amount of light falling on the object: Celestial bodies that receive more sunlight shine brighter.
  • Distance between body and observer’s eye: Planets and moons closer to Earth appear brighter to an observer on Earth because they reflect more light.

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Thus, we have come to the end of our article today, which was carrying the question of moonlight due to the reflection of that light which is the light of the moon. the sun

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