June 7, 2023

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Morocco GH is on the radar of Barcelona

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In light of the difficulty in recruiting Manchester City star Raheem Sterling during the winter transfer market, Barcelona are playing to replace him.

And Barcelona’s new coach, Xavi Hernandez, has been asked to strengthen the team’s rankings with a better squad next winter, despite the absence of many players due to injury.

According to the Catalan newspaper “Sport”, Chelsea star Hakim Jiech has joined the Catalan club’s list of players interested in signing for the club in the near future due to the city’s financial demands and the difficulty in signing him. Due to the player’s salary and fair playing rules, this prevents the contract from expiring in January.

Accordingly, Barcelona turned their attention to the Moroccan side, hoping it would be a good choice by adding Sevilla to the loan for 6 months, especially since he did not play primarily with Chelsea.

Zeke has played in only 10 games with coach Thomas Toussaint this season, during which time he scored two goals while scoring another.

Barcelona were previously interested in the Moroccan star, who when he was a player at Ajax, Chelsea smuggled him in for மில்லியன் 40 million.

Another Arab star associated with the move to Barcelona is the Algerian Baghdad Bounetza, who worked with the Qatari club Al Sadd service and has always been one of the best Arab strikers.