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Morocco is taking some measures to mitigate the effects of the devastating earthquake


EMERGENCY ACTIONS AND DONATIONS…Morocco takes action to mitigate the effects of the earthquake

The Moroccan government “adopted a plan to create a special fund to manage the consequences… EarthquakeOpen to receiving donations, the official spokesman of the Moroccan government, Mustafa Baidas, announced the creation of a special fund to manage the consequences of the earthquake, “to take urgent measures for the benefit of the people and the affected areas” earthquake.

“This exceptional funding was announced after a government meeting held remotely at 5pm to receive private and public audiences,” the official spokesman said in a statement at the headquarters of the Maghreb Arab Press in Rabat on Sunday night. Voluntary contributions and citizens shall bear the costs associated with the emergency plan.” Rehabilitation, support for damaged homes and care for people in difficult situations, especially orphans and those in vulnerable situations, and homeless people. Accommodation, nutrition and all basic needs.

Moroccan rescuers, backed by foreign groups, are racing against time to find survivors and help hundreds of displaced people who lost their homes more than 48 hours after the devastating Moroccan earthquake that killed at least 2,862 people. buried.

This was the focus of today’s episode of “Studio News Now”.

Flashes blue after an earthquake

Ahmad Malabeh, a professor of geography, environment and climate change at Jordan’s Hashemite University, said of the blue light in the sky, “There are minerals that are capable of emitting this light, and it’s called plasma, and it’s capable of releasing radiation, and it’s a flash after an earthquake.” It appears. This matter was confusing, but now it is fully explained. “It occurs after an earthquake, and its appearance becomes like twilight in the sky, and it does no harm to humans. .”

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He added, “We’ve seen this flash in earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and there have been many explanations for this thing, but now it has a clear public explanation, and friction on the ground creates plasma.”

Coping with earthquakes

Morocco is taking measures to mitigate the effects of the earthquake

About this topic, Professor of Geography at Abdel Malik Al-Saadi University in Morocco, Benmaghlouf Mohamed, said, “We really need to focus on this culture because there are no plans on how to overcome the earthquake and manage the crisis. Earthquake is a very important topic and a person can lose their life due to lack of information and for no reason.

No. Established in 126, the fund is also concerned with building “reserves and stocks for primary needs in every region of the Kingdom to face all kinds of calamities”.

Paytas, who announced at the start of the report that government meetings would be followed by repeated meetings next week, said press questions had been postponed “until the picture is completely complete”.

On Monday, Prime Minister Aziz Akannouch will chair a meeting on an emergency program to provide support and rehabilitation under state instructions, the spokesman recorded.

A government spokesperson said, “From the first moments of the earthquake, various civil and military services and civil and military medical services, under state instructions, intervened quickly, effectively and efficiently to assist victims and recover bodies.

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