May 28, 2023

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Mother dies, father loses memory, daughters "in care home"!

Mother dies, father loses memory, daughters “in care home”!

In early 2021, British Mike Sr. tested the corona virus, and his result was positive, and he says that result was only the beginning of a “journey from hell”.

Mike, according to “Sky News”, put the details of the trip in a coma and woke up after a long time to find his wife dead.

“It was the weekend and I took my daughter from Scotland to the port of Ellesmere,” he says in Cheshire, west England.

He adds, “When Kovid grabbed me, my wife called an ambulance. I can only remember that I was in the hospital.”

He continues, “Those were my last memories before I was admitted to the intensive care unit for 3 weeks.”

Meanwhile, the health of his wife, who was infected with the corona virus, deteriorated rapidly.

The wife had difficulty breathing, but eventually died, and the husband did not know the tragedy until he awoke from the coma he had entered.

Mike says he had a stroke when doctors tried to recover him from a coma, meaning he had to stay in the hospital longer, and after his condition improved slightly, doctors told him his wife had died.

The person was hospitalized for 6 months where he suffered from mobility, speech and memory impairments.

Although he was told several times about his wife’s death, due to his short-term memory problem, he could not keep that information for long, and medical teams had to remind him again and again until he understood it, says naturopath Daniel Street. .

Street added: “It was very difficult for him. He had to reinforce his information. When we first came home, he walked around his house, opened the cupboards and saw things that reminded him of his wife.”

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“It was a devastating and life-changing experience. In a few days his life was completely shattered,” he added after recovering his memory.

The matter did not stop there. Authorities moved the man’s two daughters to a nursing home.

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