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Motorola Android Auto Converter for UK and Europe


Technological advancement in vehicles is growing rapidly. All automakers try to offer something new when they launch a new car. Most of these technologies aren’t just for driver entertainment. It is also available for the driver to easily access other vehicle features.

A notable example of this is Android Auto. Android Auto helps keep the driver’s hands off the smartphone while driving. Because they can access most of the smartphone’s features directly on the infotainment screen.

Most new high-end vehicles come with this feature. But not all vehicles have it. Android Auto first appeared in 2015. Hence, not all vehicles launched before 2015 have this feature.

The Motorola MA1 Android Auto Adapter is coming to the UK and Europe

If your car doesn’t have Android Auto, don’t worry. Motorola’s MA1 Android Auto Adapter might be just the thing for you. This new adapter comes with all the Android Auto experiences for your car.

A new report claims that the Motorola MA1 adapter is headed to the UK and Europe. Motorola’s licensed trademark, “Motorola Sound,” sent an email to its customers this week. The content of the email indicates that the company plans to officially sell the Motorola MA1. This time targeting customers in UK and European countries.

The email confirms that the adapter already exists. However, it appears that this is not actually the case. Currently, Motorola is selling the MA1 adapter in the US via Amazon. Hence, the company may follow suit in UK and Europe as well.

Availability and price of Motorola MA1 Android Auto Adapter

Currently, the Motorola MA1 adapter is listed on both Amazon UK And Amazon Germany. No price attached to the UK list. However, the German listing comes in at €89.99. Thus, it can be confirmed that it will be the European market price. Both lists are currently not being sent.

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We hope to get official pricing for the UK market very soon. Once the shipping starts, we will also update our readers. Stay tuned and keep visiting GizChina for more information. We will continue to update our readers as soon as there is a new development. You can subscribe to our newsletter. In this case, you will not miss any important message of your choice.

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