June 7, 2023

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Mudassim's ex-wife talks about infidelity ... Is it the reason for the divorce?

Mudassim’s ex-wife talks about infidelity … Is it the reason for the divorce?

The effects of the divorce crisis that erupted weeks ago from the Syrian actor’s divorce crisis Muttasem al-Nahar and his wife Lynn Berengazi still persist.

Despite the announcement of the final secession, both sides remained silent on the causes, with the exception of some improvements on social media.

After they stopped following each other via Instagram, Lynn broke her silence and posted via the Story feature on Instagram that some considered this post to be a clear message to her ex.

With the quote that she considers “love goes after harm”, she provoked widespread controversy among the public, considering her words as evidence of what happened to her ex-husband.

She also wrote: “Praise be to God, who removes love in the face of adversity, and facilitates abandonment when betrayal appears, and who does some things instead of His servants.”

That is the biggest income!

In another post on his official account, he said that choosing himself was the biggest benefit for him: “Choosing yourself is one of your biggest incomes.”

Lynn Pringji

It is noteworthy that hiding the reasons for the divorce prompted the pioneers of social networking sites to speculate that Bournemouth had been betrayed by her ex-husband, Mudassim al-Nahar, which severed their relationship. That.

A lot of information has spread recently about the reasons for divorce, the differences are not new, but rather the result of years of accumulation.

Meanwhile, the Syrian artist, Mutasem Al-Nhar, has not noticed the issue since the divorce notice took place weeks ago and was confirmed in Syrian courts.

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