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Muhammad al-Buraiki explores human pain and sings his Arabic in “Sharjah Bookstore” | Umar Abu al-Hayjah


The audience asked al-Buraiki to continue endlessly, which led to reading other texts that touched the surface of human emotions and dominated his dramatic tone during the delivery. His words, their aesthetics, moved the recipients’ grief, including. This text:

“And I said to the earth: This universe celebrates

Come closer, with the melodies I have

And bring to me those who mourn, so that I may comfort them

The cord of feeling approaching them is wet

And give him a file

Emotions boiling in my firewood.”

Then he read some texts summarizing wisdom, through which he depicted scenes that interacted with creative taste by the representation of the movement of life, within complex patterns the sound of music arose with its intimate rhythms.

Before the end of the evening, the audience asked the poet Muhammad al-Buraiki to read poetry texts from the Gulf Nabataean dialect, which is characterized by its communicative nature. – filled with exotic music, and the circle of imagery widened to include his compositions filled with the purity and symbolism of Nabatean poetry. Audiences responded quickly to it because of its aesthetic sensitivity. Among the readings:

“It came to me, the weather was cloudy

There was an army of convictions from her lips

She made me laugh by making me tea

I asked: this tea.. where is the sugar?

She knew I was joking and said:

My eyes are like that… Abandon evil”

It is worth noting that poet Al-Bariki recently participated in the Arabic Poetry Forum organized by the Academy of Arabic Poetry in Saudi Arabia with a research on “Arabic Poetry: Role, Status and Image”. The role of ancient and modern Arabic poetry and its different roles with poetic sources in different periods of Arabic poetry.

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Also mentioned, poet and journalist Muhammad Abdullah Al-Buraiki is the director of the Poetry House in Sharjah, the director of the Sharjah Arabic Poetry Festival, and the editor-in-chief of Al-Qawafi, a poetry magazine. and its complications, his poems were selected as part of the teaching curriculum, and he judged several classical and Nabatean festivals, and won literary awards.

Poet Al-Buraiki published a collection of poetry collections, including “Sayed Collection” dedicated to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may God have mercy on him, “The Whisper of Eternity” popular poem, “The Stillness of the Storm” populist poem, “A dance Floor” populist poem, book reading “at the table” at the popular poetry forum, “house on the brink of collapse” anthology speech poem, “began at sea” speech, book Sharjah Enchantment of eternal love, poetry scenes and houses of lights and other poetic and critical works, and more I presented my master’s and doctoral theses on his poetic experience.

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