March 29, 2023

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Muhammad Ramadan uses Adel Imam in response to the mosque imam who criticized his concert in Iraq | News

The artist, Muhammad Ramadan, used an excerpt from artist Adel Imam’s play “Shahid Mishfsh Hajja” to comment on one of the Iraqi imams who criticized his last concert in Baghdad.

Muhammad Ramadan posted a video clip of one of the Iraqi Imams on his Instagram account, gave a sermon to worshipers, and he spoke of him: “Ramadan did not come to us, we were happy with Muhammad Ramadan in Baghdad.”

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He added: “He came and exposed his chest and made people give him watches and gifts in front of people.”

After Muhammad Ramadan, al-Qadib said in a famous clip by Adel Imam, “I am Kalban” from the play “Shahid Mashfsh Hajja”.

It is noteworthy that Mohammed Ramadan’s concert in Baghdad on December 10 was met with negative comments, and Mohammed was eager to republish Ramadan, with former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki describing him as an immoral bastard. .

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